Category: Organisational culture

Now that’s what I call service!

We all know that customer service excellence is the backbone of any good business. I am the first to complain when I experience poor service.  I shout  about it from…  read more

“Let’s touch base on this”

I just had to smile today as I read about the ILM survey sighting management speak  as one of the most irritating characteristics of work colleagues. It reminded me of a little trick that a…  read more

Am I too old for this…?

During a Skype call with my colleague in Slovenia a few days ago, we were exploring some ideas for promoting our business growth methodology in Europe. He had been speaking…  read more

Good Managers Fake It

According to recent research, managers need to fake their emotions at work, especially when interacting with staff. This is the key finding of a doctoral study conducted by psychologist Chiara…  read more

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