business development FAQs

What do you mean by ‘business development’?

Business development refers to activities that help you start, lead, grow and improve the performance of your business.

Why should I choose pthree?

Our team has more than 70 years’ experience of starting, leading and growing businesses, supported by progressive, proven and practical methodologies. See our client testimonials.

What could you do for my business and me?

Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals by providing customised solutions will enhance leadership, make change stick and improve profitability.

Can I involve people in my team or would you only work with me?

Yes, definitely. Teamwork is crucial to your success. We also arrange training courses for individuals or teams to improve management and leadership capability.

I’ve tried consultants before and they were useless – they came in, got in the way and left me with a report I’ve never read. Why would I do that again?

We work in partnership with you, building close relationship with you, your employees and your board. Without this, we couldn’t do our job. We welcome initial meetings to establish how well we’ll work together. If we don’t fit the bill, that’s fine.

Do you only work with small companies?

No, not at all. We work with larger companies as well as SMEs. We believe we can add value to large and small organisations.

What three things can you do to help my business?

We focus on three areas:

  • Diagnosis – we find out what you do now, the challenges you face and the potential for improvement and growth
  • Planning – we work with you to develop a plan, whether it’s a bespoke leadership development programme, an innovation project, or producing a business strategy
  • Implementation – taking the key recommendations that will add the most value, making them happen, embedding solutions and measuring results
  • Sustaining change – most importantly, we leave you with the skills and capability to sustain change without the need for ongoing support

Do you offer a guarantee for your work?

We guarantee the quality of our work. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, openness and integrity at all times.

What industries do you specialise in?

Our expertise is not industry-specific – that’s your area. We know what it takes to lead, develop and grow a business, regardless of the sector. We add value, whatever your industry, thanks to our tailored approach to service planning and delivery.

We have worked in a variety of areas, including green technologies, medicine, telecommunications, software development, higher education, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, food services, engineering, insurance, energy, housing and construction.

How do you price your services?

Each project is unique. What we charge depends on what you require and the value we add. In practice, our fees can range from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds.

Where are you located?

We are based in Leicestershire and operate throughout the UK, although we are particularly focused on helping businesses in the Midlands, London and Northamptonshire.

What are your qualifications?

We’re all experienced entrepreneurs with successful track records. Many have MBAs from top business schools, and all are certified in areas such as learning and development, , change management, executive coaching, and business finance.

Do you have references?

Certainly. We would be pleased to introduce you to our past clients. However, to respect the time and generosity of our past clients, we provide references as the final step before you sign the engagement letter. You can also take a look at our client testimonials and case studies.

Who will I work with?

We will identify which of our business associates has the most relevant experience to meet your needs.

How will the consulting process work?

First, you will meet with dedicated pthree consultant to establish key objectives. Your consultant will help you identify the priorities for your organisation and review all areas of the business to ensure you can achieve your objectives. We then analyse your business data and advise you how best to achieve your goals. Once we’ve both agreed your individual strategy, we can begin work.

Your business consultant will help you review progress to make sure your business and your employees can continue to go from strength to strength.

Who has pthree worked with in the past?

We are proud to have worked with a broad range of clients. Find out more about them here.

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