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The secret weapon of emotional intelligence

Leadership in business goes beyond reaching a short-term goal or ensuring that a job is well done. It is also about driving the collective emotions of the workforce in a positive direction and also by retaining top talent.

Competent leaders drive results, develop star performers, and ensure their teams productively. They inspire and motivate people, by exhibiting energy and enthusiasm. Emotionally intelligent leaders connect with others by being self-aware and empathetic.

Numerous studies have shown how emotional intelligence relates to specific behaviours associated with leadership effectiveness.

The successful management of business and human resources today faces enormous challenges. As businesses are downsizing and reengineering themselves to compete in the global economy, executives from some of the world’s largest companies say that emotional intelligence is a vitally important leadership skill.

Businesses that want to add value and effectively compete must ensure that they put an increased premium on these emotional intelligence and relationship management skills.

This popular 45-minute Keynote Presentation comes from a speaker with more 20 year’s experience of executive management, for whom emotionally intelligent leadership has always been second nature.

  • Keep people motivated and committed in an era of unrelenting and accelerating change
  • Create a climate that not only fosters performance but also builds a sense of pride and purpose
  • Effectively manage conflict, negotiate and resolve disagreements
  • Encourage collaboration and co-operation for achievement of shared goals

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