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Strategic growth planning


client request

Although this not-for-profit organisation had been operating successfully for over a decade, it was evident that the need to provide comprehensive support for those affected by adoption and to lobby for reducing the complexity of adoption remained a high priority. This was the background against which After Adoption, under the leadership of its newly appointed Chief Executive, determined to transform its approach and expand its operations.

Having previously worked successfully with P three, we were invited to partner with the organisation to create a strategic growth plan and to up-skill the organisational leaders to effectively deliver the plan.

approach and methodology

Beginning with a detailed diagnostic of the company to determine the strategic priorities, focus and challenges facing the organisation, P three was also able to facilitate a business growth grant through the Growth Accelerator initiative, enabling the organisation to maximise it investment and achieve far more than had been anticipated.

Having completed the diagnostic, the next step was to map the long-term market opportunities, produce a comprehensive growth and development strategy and inform the creation of a bespoke leadership education programme to support the implementation of the plan.

solution and benefits

By applying tried and tested business development and growth methodologies with a strong focus on technology transfer, P three the organisation was able to craft a tailored market approach based on empirical understanding of mission, challenges, budget, and trends. P three also created a development programme for the newly appointed managers that were required due to the successful implementation of the growth strategy. Within a 2-year period there was a 22 per cent increase in turnover, exceeding the anticipated growth targets.

“Working with P three has helped to improved the long term prospects of our organisation within the adoption community. We have also strengthened working relationships with key stakeholders at government and agency level.”  Lynn Charlton, Chief Executive, After Adoption



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