Identifying and developing talent

People make all the difference to your business.  Attracting great people is the first step, but you need a strategy for engaging, developing and retaining talented people.

How can we help?

We offer a range of tools to help you spot talent, develop and engage your people.  We are proud to offer the following internationally recognized capabilities:

SHL People Performance

SHL provides workplace talent assessment solutions including ability and personality tests and psychometric assessments. SHL will support people decisions from recruitment to succession planning.

i3 Profiling

The i3 Profile is a tool developed to identify individual, instinctive indicators. By becoming more aware of dominant instinctive indicators, individuals and teams are more empowered to feel confident in who they are, what they have to contribute and how to use their strengths to build better relationships and be effective in their careers.

360° Degree Appraisal

We offer design of bespoke 360° appraisals aligned to your competency framework and appraisal system. Managers and leaders within organizations use 360° feedback surveys to get a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

People Gauge

This is one of the most innovative employee engagement measurement solutions. Developed by business specialists and psychologists, this practical, easy to use online solution measures what people really think and feel about working for you.

Assessment and Development Centers

Using business simulations, interviews and psychometrics, Assessment Centers greatly increase your chances of selecting and/or promoting the right people and reduce the risk and cost of failed recruitment. Our Assessment Centre solutions enable you to implement objective assessment processes, free from bias and fair to all.

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