case study 3

Development of new financial services


client request

As part of an international initiative, P three was approached by the regional branch of Barclaycard to support the leadership team to implement a programme on financial services operations and compliance. The programme is intended to facilitate the take up and improvement of performance on a new financial product.

approach & methodology

The rationale underlying the programme was to introduce a broad technical and experience-based approach to current operational- and compliance-related topics, which are relevant to the business both on a local and international level. Focusing on the current reality of operating and competing beyond national boundaries, P three was recruited to develop and facilitate a two-pronged approach to the programme, combining a local, team-based component and an individual component. Using a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the team component was structured to provide an introduction to a comprehensive analysis framework to embed knowledge and understanding of the performance regimes discussed via case studies and real-time discussion to provide senior managers with a solid understanding of the new financial product and performance requirements, both internationally and in the domestic marketplace.

solution & benefits

Beyond the core scope of the project, P three worked closely with the senior team to facilitate the programme’s launch. As well as its immediate benefits to the participants, the programme further enabled the company to guarantee the level of knowledge and competency in the local market resulting in improved efficiency, competitiveness and growth; while also providing them with another significant means of assessing the competence levels of leaders and their employees.

what our client said

“Extremely valuable. It really hit the mark for us. As a very large and complex company, we are not short on ideas, but the challenge comes in executing across a diverse business. We came away with new insights and actionable ideas for us to implement. Thanks for a great experience!” Donna Middleton, Regional Manager, Barclaycard

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