Why isn’t your business growing?

Business growth is a well-defined process. The problem is most businesses strategies take a ‘one size fits all’ approach and usually focus on the wrong things.


Over and over again I have seen businesses putting all their energies into implementing their growth plans, but struggling to achieve their goals.

When looking for ways to help businesses develop and grow, about 10 years ago I discovered the Adizes Methodology, which I believe is the most comprehensive and effective business development model I have ever encountered.

Built on almost 50 years of knowledge, experience and the testimonials of companies all over the world, Adizes approaches business growth based on the stages of the growth lifecycle and the need to attain and maintain ‘Prime.’



While many other growth models emulate or refer to lifecycle stages, they seem to stop short in their application of the intelligence from a “warts and all” diagnosis and  transferring that intelligence for growth and sustainability of the business.

If your business is not achieving its growth potential, the chances are that your strategy and efforts are not focused on the right things and you need to:

  1. Understand the stages of the growth cycle and where your business sits
  2. Comprehend the vital importance of reaching and sustaining Prime
  3. Identify and address the distinctive factors that are impeding your growth
  4. Determine the steps you must take to advance or return to Prime

Only when you know where your business sits in the growth cycle can you develop a strategy tailored to your specific lifecycle stage allowing you to focus your energy and efforts on the right things to accelerate and sustain the growth of your business.


Barbara Armstrong is an Adizes Methodology Certified business consultant, author of Get Fit for Growth: 12 Fundamental Principles to Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Business and is also working in association with the Northamptonshire Growth Hub Fund to provide business growth consulting.

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