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How to build your management team

In the early days of running your own business, it’s natural to try to do as much as possible yourself. It’s the most cost-effective, comfortable, sensible way to do things in the beginning. But as your business grows, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more stretched. Eventually, you’ll find you just can’t continue to oversee operations and sales and accounting and marketing – and hope to continue to grow your business!

When you lie awake at night worrying about how you’re going to juggle the numerous tasks and priorities in the time available and you can no longer rely on your own skills to manage the business, it is a sure sign that the company has the potential to thrive in the longer term but you need to bring others on board.

At this point an organisation must create a complementary team with the right mix of skills, knowledge and expertise to move the business forward.

Of course, building a management team is not easy. First the personal sense of loss that an entrepreneur will inevitably feel at the moment when he or she allows pivotal company decisions to be made by others, need to be transitioned without (too much) interference.

This insightful Keynote speech from a business and thought leader provides a structured and practical approach to getting this crucial strategy right, helping you to foster a more productive workforce and workplace where every member has respect for each other.

  • Identify the pivotal moment for hiring members of the executive team
  • Get the mix of skills, knowledge and experience right for an effective and cohesive team
  • Structure the business and team for growth building on foundations of mutual trust and respect
  • Plan for succession and/or sale of the business

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