our methodologies

We are certified and accredited in a variety of methodologies and tools for solving business challenges. All are proven to work.

Our team applies these flexibly, using their own experience and knowledge. At all times, we adhere to industry standards.

Used in their entirety, or as components, these tools achieve real results for our clients.

We regularly update our methodologies with best practice, training and continuous professional development.

Change methodologies

We base our approach on the Adizes Methodology™ developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes PhD of the Adizes Institute, Santa Barbara, California. pthree is a Certified Consultant and Licensee of the Adizes Institute.

For more than 40 years, this methodology has been successfully applied in small, medium and large public, private and not-for-profit organisations across the world. It achieves sustainable benefits.

The methodology relies on mutual trust and respect, developing complementary teams, embracing diversity, anticipating and coping with change and making conflict constructive.

Our independent consultants, coaches and facilitators are also licensed to deliver a variety of change methodologies including Kotter’s Leading Bold Change™.

Coaching methodologies

We use tried and tested theories for our executive coaching and organisational development. These embrace multi-dimensional and flexible executive coaching, adult transformational learning, emotional intelligence, cognitive behaviour theory and positive psychology.

We also make sure we qualify and quantify our coaching outcomes.

Our coaches apply a range of coaching methodologies or models, including:

T-GROW: theme, goal, reality check, options, will/action

OSCAR: outcome, situation, choices/consequences, actions, review

STEPPPA:  subject, target, emotion, perception, plan, pace, action

Our experienced coaches use their professional judgment to choose the most appropriate coaching model for the delegate and organisation.

Organisational development methodologies
Organisational development and change management are inextricably linked.

We use a variety of OD methodologies to support the change process, including organisational diagnostics, cultural assessment, Growth Mapper™ and Orbit™.

Facilitation methodologies

Facilitation is a skill. Our facilitators develop and deliver content, and can structure group interventions and events for specific contexts and organisational cultures. This means we can achieve the results you desire.

We use a variety of facilitation tools, including Open Space Technology (OST), World Café Method, Adizes 8 Step Decision Making and visual representation.

Creativity and imagination techniques

Businesses that stand still get left behind, so generating new ideas and new ways of working is essential.

This requires creative thinking at all levels. If you can unlock the creativity of your people, you can find solutions to complex business problems.

We provide workshops that will help you and your teams discover your creative potential.

For more information, visit www.mindplayimagination.com.

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