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When would now be a good time?

I meet many people who have you been dreaming for years about starting their own business and what’s more, they have some really brilliant ideas too. But for every person…  read more

Virtual Coaching Programmes

We provide virtual executive, business, and performance coaching for individuals and teams via Skype, Google Hangouts and conference calls. No matter where you are in the world, our virtual coaching is…  read more

It’s Employee Ownership Day

As well as being Independence Day in the USA, did you know that it is also annual Employee Ownership day in the UK? As it is only the second year…  read more

Are you a 21st Century Leader?

In a future dominated by rapid change, globalization, economic uncertainty and seismic technological shifts, leaders worldwide are being forced into uncharted territory that redefines what it takes to be successful…  read more

Good Managers Fake It

According to recent research, managers need to fake their emotions at work, especially when interacting with staff. This is the key finding of a doctoral study conducted by psychologist Chiara…  read more

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