When would now be a good time?

I meet many people who have you been dreaming for years about starting their own business and what’s more, they have some really brilliant ideas too.

But for every person who shares their business dream with me, I also hear as many reasons about why they can’t start a business now – the state of the economy, lack of capital, no support from family or loved ones, not being sure if their idea is good one….

Of course, you and I know that all of these things are surmountable, but for anyone on the first rung of the business ladder, these things seem like mountains to climb.

I know that it all boils down to be fear, but I also know that everyone who has ever started or grown a business had to face and overcome those fears, otherwise they would never have achieved their dreams.

Therefore, my frequent response to those that tell me that they have been thinking about starting, but making excuses … I ask “if not now, when?”

As Tony Robbins says “when would now be a good time?”

What a great question!

Now is the time – and a New Year is always a great because you are already feeling motivated and inspired.

Yes, there will always be some major obstacle to face. But if you wait for the perfect time you will wake up one day to find that the opportunity has passed you by.

You’ll be happier

Recent research also shows start-up entrepreneurs are happier than those with jobs, and once their businesses become established, they’re even happier.

If you’re still working for someone else, maybe it’s time to find out whether working for yourself will make you as happy as it does other entrepreneurs.

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