The Formula for Success

How to Succeed in a Changing World

Every one of us as business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and managers are on a quest. We are all in pursuit of success.

We want answers to the question:

 “How do we move from here to somewhere better?”

However we define and measure that success as an individual, a company, a school, a community, a church, a family or even a country we want to understand:

What creates, what impacts and what are the factors that will determine success?

There is no better answer to that question than the Formula for Success by Dr Ichak Adizes of the Adizes Institute, California.

For more than four decades, Dr Adizes (and Adizes certified consultants) have proved that there is a formula for success.

What is the Formula for Success?

The formula for success is a fundamental, unifying principle, which explicates that the success of any system, business, society, individual, family, or even a country is a function of the disparity between External and Internal Marketing.


What does it mean?

Firstly, External Marketing is about how to match opportunities in a changing environment to the capabilities of the business. Finding what’s happening out there in the market place, the unfulfilled customers needs and identifying what you are capable of doing to meet those needs.

Marketing is all the energy that a company spends on identify opportunities and capitalising on its capabilities to satisfy these opportunities, profitably.

In the case of a human being it could be career planning – identifying what you are capable of, what skills you have and finding a career that utilises these skills.

At the country level it is global competitiveness –what opportunities exist and how do we use our country resources effectively to place our selves in the global market profitably?

Internal Marketing on the other hand is all the energy that you have to spend inside the company in order to make it function. It is all of the effort, time and resource required to make things happen.

In a human being it is your internal dialogue – the voice in your head that never seems to be silent. The voice that questions and challenges your confidence and your self-esteem.

Why do we contend that this formula predicts success?

Because we know from physics that at any point in time energy is fixed. Even the most productive person has fixed energy. No matter how hard they work and no matter how productive they there are only 24 hours in a day.

What we know from our work with numerous companies all over the world is that this fixed energy is allocated predictably in a system, company, human being or a country.

First the energy goes to fulfil Internal Marketing needs and only the surplus goes to External Marketing.

In companies where there is lot of Internal Marketing, where there is a lot of energy focussed on politics, on trying to make thing happen, on getting things to work effectively, where people don’t get on or there’s a lot of conflict, where there is poor performance, people don’t listen to each other or work together effectively or are unproductive – a lot of energy is directed internally.

The more ‘noise’ in the system, the less energy is available to deal with External Marketing. When Internal Marketing is high opportunities are passing you by. Why? Because energy always focuses inwards first and things can begin to disintegrate – quality, productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and competitiveness.

Is there a high level of Internal Marketing in your company, in your team, in yourself as a leader or entrepreneur?   Are you eyes turned inward so that you cannot see all of the external opportunities?

What do you have to do about this then?

Many companies believe that more resources they focus on External Marketing – hiring more people, spending more money on promotion activities, restructuring or doing more planning will resolve the issues.

But in all honestly this rarely works in the medium to long term.

The real answer is to work on resolving the internal issues before focusing on the integrating external opportunities and capabilities.

“Success is not from the outside in; it is from the inside out.”

Outside in is 19th century thinking. 21st century thinking is “the stronger I am inside, the better I am.” It is not size, it is quality, it is not more it’s better.

Internal integration is to be at peace, this makes you strong. When there is little or no internal revolution or disintegration more of the energy is available to see and pursue market opportunities.

When energy is wasted internally there will be no energy to identify, create or pursue external opportunities.

If you want your business to succeed, first of all you need to be healthy on the inside. When you are healthy all of the energy is available.

You have to work on the inside first.

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