Leading with Impact – Improving your Effectiveness as an Entrepreneurial Leader

Pthree has been working with NetPark to provide a series of leadership workshops for to support business leaders in developing the skills and behaviours that are most needed tosuccessfully sustain and grow their businesses.

Successful leaders are acutely aware that achieving strategic goals requires that they continuously develop and hone theirskills to get the desired results for their team and theirbusiness.

With a focus on strategic change and entrepreneurial leadership these workshops break down the key components of effective leadership into practical, easy-to-use techniques that you can immediately apply in your business.

The workshops will explore:

  • Entrepreneurial leadership for business success
  • Your preferred leadership style and its impact
  • Leadership approaches for different stages of businessdevelopment
  • Effective change leadership
  • Motivating and inspiring high performance
  • Organisational culture and its importance for productivity and performance

To find out more about how you can take part please get in touch with P three on info@pthreebusiness.com for further information

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