Are you afraid to try or afraid to fail?

“Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.”

Too often, we allow fear, worry, and doubt to dominate and define our lives. The world was never meant to be approached with extra caution and fear of making mistakes.  When did we stop trying new things? Why did we stop taking risk?

If we are afraid of trying we settle into our comfort zones because we don’t want to look like a fool if things don’t go as planned.

The price we pay for fear of trying is no sense of discovery, no victories, no chance to learn and grow and few real experiences. The sacrifice isn’t worth it.

If you want to realize your dreams, you have to be willing to take a leap of faith despite being afraid. It’s our responsibility to acknowledge, face, and overcome our fears.

If you’re willing to search for the courage to do all the things you were meant to do, to be and to have but haven’t yet begun here are 6 tips that can help you:

1.  Dream big

“Success occurs when your dreams are bigger than your excuses” so dream big. Follow it up with calculated risks and deliberate actions. Actions build courage, eliminate fear and expand your world.

2.  Eliminate fearful thoughts

Fearful thoughts attract more fear. Positive thoughts attract success. Instead of expecting the worst, train your mind to expect the best. Make positive assumptions about your future.

3.  Focus on abundance

Learn to think, speak, and live as an abundant person. Celebrate what you have. Be generous to yourself and others. Be open to and prepared for good fortune, positive connections and favourable outcomes.

4.  Revisit your triumphs

Strengthen your belief in yourself by reflecting on the successes you have experienced in your life and bring the same drive, persistence, and talent into the present, allowing them to inspire and motivate you.

5.  Gain inspiration from others

Study, learn from and use the success stories of others. Model their approaches, strategies and behaviours, while reaming true to yourself and your own values.

6.  Ask your help

Ask people who care about you to remind you of your strengths and the triumphs you have already had. Do the same for them. Create a support group of friends or colleagues.

Don’t give time, attention, or energy to fear. Remember that fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Hold yourself accountable and focus on solutions. If you don’t take action despite your fear, opportunities will pass you by. The only mistake you should be afraid to make is not trying at all.

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